Monday, 31 December 2012

Congress chucks a hissy fit

Was watching the news earlier, and being as it's new years eve it doesn't look like the dreaded cliff will be avoided. Instead we get stupid congressmen basically shrugging their shoulders on national telly. What a pathetic bunch of morons. How much money do these self absorbed wankers get? They want to hold the worlds financial system to ransom to prove some kind of political point? Rule from opposition? WTF is wrong with Obama? He should be getting in there and doing something instead of making wimpy noises in the media; just typical of Obama, all show and no go. Full of hot air. Gutless.

I mean how hard can it be to get an agreement on how to pay debt? It didn't seem that hard after WW2, as shown in the graph below. The debt was way bigger then as a GDP%, and look how fast it got paid off:
No shit Sherlock.

Looking at that graph, the task of bringing in the deficit doesn't actually look that hard if you compare it to the WW2 debt. But now they're playing hissy fits on the congress floor. The assholes probably get paid so much to behave like children, that they don't want to can the tax cuts for the rich as they'll get taxed themselves. Fuckin grow up kiddies.

Something should be done by somebody over there to sort this shit out. Can the US system really be that broken?