Sunday, 23 December 2012

Will Abbott be our next PM?

The thought of Abbott becoming our next Prime Minister is like Frankenstein running the country. He's a hangover from the Howard era, but IMO way worse than Howard. At least Howard had some sort of idea about separation of church and state. Abbott is well known to be the one who tried to stop the abortion drug RU486 when he was health minister in the Howard gov, and it's common knowledge that he often meets with that dreadful Pell (Australia's Catholic captain) who's in the middle of trying to limit the damage of the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse for the Catholic church here. 

But this is all just scratching the surface. Anyone who's seen him lying and squirming in front of the media when being caught out fair and square in a lie, will know that he appears to be in his public life a squirming, lying, two faced prick. 

Yet for the last 12 months people have been saying over and over (including the Canberra commentariat) that it's all over for Gillard and virtually announcing Abbott as our next PM. This was happening well over a year out from the next election FFS. I however held the view that yes he may well be the next PM, but it was just to early yet and I'd not write off Gillard just yet......  And of course we all now know the story of the Labor comeback in polling since Abbott's carbon tax doomsday scenario didn't work out.

So here we are at the end of the year, knowing that 2013 is election year, and that Abbott and Gillard are now much closer. Contrary to 2012 popular opinion, we now have a real competition between the parties and those who predicted an Abbott win as a surety only months ago now must contemplate the reality of a possible Abbott defeat.

Personally I have no idea who's going to win, but it's still certainly too early to write off Gillard.
I've forgotten how many times someone has told me in 2012 that Abbott will be PM this time next year. Such political soothsaying is as reliable as the Mayan calendar. Anyone who calls it now is a mug. Read more