Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Day of action against DHL - update

Interesting email today from the Transport Workers Union here. Followed a few links and there's even a little video about it:
Union leaders and activists from Belgium, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK were joined by representatives from the ITF and its European arm the European Transport Workers Federation in front of the DHL Supply Chain headquarters in Mechelen. They were expressing their solidarity with the ITF-affiliated union Türkiye Motorlu Tasit Isçileri Sendikasi (TÜMTIS) and its members who were dismissed following their involvement in the union. Flags from unions all over the world were on display, symbolic of worldwide support. A delegation met with the company’s chief executive officer, Walter Leysen. It stressed that the actions would continue until the workers were re-instated; Leysen said he would convey the message to DHL’s headquarters in Bonn. more
Here's the video from Mechelen (wherever the hell that is). Looks bloody cold there:

And this is from the main site:
DHL is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, an agreement between the global delivery giant and the UN to embrace universal principles throughout its operations worldwide. The Global Compact sets out clear guiding principles for multinationals on human rights, labour, the environment and the prevention of corruption. According to these principles, DHL Deutsche Post must use due diligence to identify and remedy abuses or violations that it causes or contributes to. This means that Deutsche Post DHL is obliged to take responsibility for all of its business operations and services – which means intervening with DHL Turkish management immediately. more