Friday, 28 December 2012

Falling down the stairs

Feeling rather ill this morning, a bit more than usual. Some dry retching again about half an hour after taking the HIV pills, and generally sickly. *sigh*

My back hurts up the top a bit too. Think it has to do with falling down the stairs at David's. Sounds full on but I came out of it with only minor injuries. All happened really fast. The stairs are very steep there as it's a modernised old terrace house in the city.

Was the middle of the night, and there's no railing right at the top bit. Heavily carpeted, my foot slipped a bit over the edge of one of the steps. Didn't think it was much of a worry but then it turned into a major falling down the stairs episode. Can't remember what happened on the way down it was so fast, but I ended up lying on the floor below on my back, and my head had broken a cat bowl (glad there was no food in it). 

Lucky had had a few beers so all my muscles were relaxed, think that's why I didn't get injured much. Boy like rubber instead of all tense trying to stop the fall. Ended up with a sore forearm and one finger on my hand a bit sore at the joint. The cat's bowl was also plastic so I didn't end up with any porcelain protruding from my head either. The stairs have thick carpet too and helped to cushion me. 

Being as I fell from near the top, if it was just a straight fall from that height I'd have sustained much more serious injuries. All in all I think I was bloody lucky to walk away with a laugh about it. Of course David was sleeping soundly and didn't hear a thing.