Monday, 17 December 2012

One month with David

For some reason we're both really aware of how much time is passing since we met. Not hard as it was Sunday afternoon. Yesterday was a month. 

It's like, far out, have been happy for an entire month. Can't remember how long it's been since anything like that. Was at the pub whilst he came after his work, and just couldn't wait to see him. Told him so. 

Like a lot of his music, he's just as open as I am and likes different styles. Some of it I'm not so sure of, but he can sing as well. He played this one other day at his place and he sings along putting all this meaning into it. That's what I want in music too, not just a silly tune but something that means something to me. These are so tragically boy band-ish, but it's a rather different thing with him involved. Was very sweet of him.