Saturday, 22 December 2012

Simon and David meet

Simon is in Sydney for a few days on his way to a wedding, and he wanted to meet David. So all three of us went and had a few beers at the pub and chatted for some time. I'm glad to say it all went very well. I'd said to David they'd probably like each other. Simon has been around the world three times and had a lot of different experiences to talk about. What followed though was somewhat of a surprise.

David suggested a threesome. All fine with me but it had been going so well that I didn't want to introduce something into the mix with an unpredictable outcome. So I was a bit reserved about it all, and Simon was a bit doubtful as well, probably for the same reasons. In the end he thought it'd be OK to just watch.

So we went back to David's place nearby. I'm glad to say it all went very well, again. Simon watched and both David and I played around with him, and David fucked me in front of Simon; he's always liked seeing me get fucked.

It was only a one time thing. David said later it was like he was giving Simon and I both a way to say goodbye to the sex with each other. I think Simon appreciated it most as he explained earlier how surprised he'd been about his feelings for me when David came along. I thought it was a very sweet gesture on David's part. I heard the two of them talking soon after, Simon saying for him to look after me and things of that nature.

Simon's talking about maybe selling his place in Lightning Ridge and moving closer to Brisbane where his son lives. I said I thought that was a pretty good idea. The maintenance on the place in Lightning Ridge is enormous, being self sufficient with everything. And he really does need to be closer to civilisation. Living out there is a huge impediment.