Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Abbott gov "Out of it's depth"

Looks like that new fangled internet thing is showing up this gov for what it is. Corrine Grant expertly dissects the Abbott gov. And surprise surprise, she says they're hopelessly out of their depth. Hmmmmm ..... think I can see a pattern developing here. My words, among others, were something like "incompetent buffoons". 
Remember on election night Abbott declared Australia was ‘open for business’? And then in his first major decision, Hockey disallowed a US takeover of Graincorp. Whether you believe Hockey made the right decision or not, that little manoeuvre signals the bloke is out of his depth: just like my dad’s trout. Flip, flip, flop. 

We’re stuck with a government that thinks it’s too clever for words when in reality it’s hopelessly out of its league. Perhaps it stems in part from a belief that being in government means nothing more than re-animating the Howard Government’s approach to everything. The problem with that strategy is that the world has moved on. 


We voted in a Liberal government on the promise they were going to save us from a crisis that was almost entirely manufactured and we never questioned them any more deeply than that. Pyne never showed himself to be an education-focussed maestro in the lead up to the election, Morrison always acted like a thug, Hockey put his foot in it left, right and centre and contradicted the party line a number of times. We should have been paying attention. 

The Liberals promised us they knew what they were doing and we accepted that promise on blind faith alone. 

I can’t wait for Pyne to turn his hand to redesigning the national education curriculum. That’s sure to be a doozy. I’m just hoping someone tries to sneak in Critical Thinking as a compulsory subject. That way, when the next generation hits the ballot box and has to decide which major party will run the country, perhaps they will delve a little deeper and save us from ourselves. more  
Well my opinion is that Abbott appealed to the lowest of human nature; racism, bigotry, xenophobia. The problem with that is (IMO) those people are stupid. Trusting fools who will vote for anyone who comes out with the right rhetoric. The thought of using their vote to make a responsible democratic decision was obviously far from their minds on election day.

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