Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Daughter got her loan

I think she's a bit surprised how easy it is to get one. A said I wasn't as she has a stable record at home and work, and is working permanent full time for well over a year. The bank would throw the money at her. She's borrowed $5,000, that will be heaps to set herself up in the move.

Things have settled down somewhat since the great argument. Think I actually got through to her the other day. She was discussing moving and all, and said again that I was "pushing her out". I said to her straight out that I wasn't. That because I love David doesn't mean I don't love her. Or because the two of them don't get on (they're still not talking) doesn't mean I don't love him. And that I don't want her getting involved in our relationship any more than she wants me getting involved in her and her boyfriends. 

I'm seeing the psychologist this afternoon for the latest installment in the continuing saga that appears to be my life :s

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