Friday, 6 December 2013

Oh look, boats! Settlers?

This looks like the new all guns misfiring firing Abbott stop-the-boats plan. This one involves people abandoning their boats and starting to settle on Australian Islands. Well I guess that's sort of stopping the boats; make Christmas Island a tropical paradise where you can just ditch the boats and settle:
A search is underway on Christmas Island after the discovery of a group of asylum seekers who landed on a remote beach without being detected.

The ABC has been told a group of about 25 asylum seekers have been living on a remote beach on the south-eastern side of the island since their boat sank on Monday.

Christmas Island's shire councillor Gordon Thomson says the group was only detected when some of the asylum seekers were spotted walking along a main road into town earlier today.

"This morning eight or nine people walked up onto one of our main roads from Dolly Beach - the eight or nine people are probably Rohingya," he said.

"There are another 15 or 16 people still on Dolly Beach who are part of that group, so the total number is about 25.

"Their boat has sunk and they have been living on Dolly Beach since Monday.

"We're told that when offered water and food, they weren't thirsty and they weren't that hungry, so they seem to have survived quite well since Monday. more  
Um, obviously evil terrorists out for blood? Evil takers of Australian taxpayer's money? Evil people caught trying to enter without permission? Evil settlers?

Or a symbol of failure by our political system? The latest being the Abbott tough approach, that tough approach looking piss weak right now.

So all this looney Abbott shit about how evil they are and how Australian life will end as we know it if they enter, bla...... How much of that is rhetoric to the converted, and how much of it is actually real? 

Or is he so incompetent he can't even back up his own rhetoric?

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