Friday, 27 December 2013

Capitalist nightmare Oz style

In the true spirit of capitalism, we have an example in Sydney of the desire to consume being stronger than the responsibility to a baby. The mother's own baby. 

In a fit of what I can only consider to be brain dead consumer drone type behaviour, a mother left her baby in her car for an hour and a half whilst she went shopping for Boxing Day specials. The car was in an undercover carpark, but still it was pretty warm yesterday. She rolled the windows down in case the baby got hot, and took off to the shops. It wasn't until a passer by saw the baby alone in the car that the police were called and the baby taken out via the wound down windows.

At the very least she should be charged with child abandonment. How in the hell could whatever she was going to buy be more important than the life of her baby? The baby could have been abducted or anything, let alone being in the heat. 
"She parked the car in an undercover car park and attended the centre alone. 

"Security were notified of the unattended child by a passer-by at about 10am. 

"They made numerous attempts to locate the owner of the car but were unsuccessful. 

"Security removed the child and took him to their office where they were met by police," he added. 

The woman, from Doncaster, was eventually found at 11am and spoken to by police. 

Ambulance crews checked over the child, declaring him in good health. more

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