Monday, 9 December 2013

The elephant in the room

I am of course speaking from afar. Australia is the closest of US allies, but many of us here think it's way too close. The United States has gone way off course, on whatever course it may have been. It's citizens, espousing freedom and the right to defend themselves against their gov if that need be, have become slaves to their gov. Their gov that's ruled by the 1% capitalist elite, who own 40% of the wealth, is beholden to those capitalist elite for some strange reason that I can't particularly conjecture on right now. 

The important point is that US citizens still consider Reaganomics as a legitimate way to go, even when they're poor. Somehow Reaganomics has told them that being poor is their fault and not simply a chance of the universe (even many Pentecostals preach that being affluent is what god wants). The poor are demonised by the well off. Those that are arrogant and think that they had much of the say in whether they were poor or not; vs my view that being poor is as much a chance from the universe of our birth. In Africa, ten million people died in 6 years from HIV; a chance of their birthplace. Now, for many in the US, they also die from HIV simply because they can't afford the pills. A chance of their birthplace also.

Yet they preach to the world of their exceptional-ism. Blinded by patriotic faith, they give up their freedom for their flag. They tell us how wonderful their system is, but nowadays we're not dumb. We know their system is fucked, there's no argument anymore. An experiment that's failed. Twenty vacant houses for every homeless person in the US. If that's not a definition of failure I dunno WTF is. Hello Washington? We have the internet thingo now you know? Don't you realise we can watch you and your country like never before? Yes us mate, us mere minions...... us Australians. If anyone's gonna call it bullshit it's us, and we're bloody calling it that.

Exhibit one. A tear jerking heart tearing extravaganza of wonderful family inclusive daisy-chain-making bomb of loveliness. Oh fuck, I don't think butter would melt in any of their mouths, all so sweet..... oh isn't "Merica" just the loveliest bestest heartwarmingest leader of the "free" world ever! Awwww

Exhibit two. The elephant in the room. Apparently the elephant is invisible. Is that like when the emperor has no clothes?

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