Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Karma gets the feral feral

The core feral (the feral feral) neighbour across from us on the next property, who stole our mail and tried to activate David's bank card, is in a spot of bother. She's been dealing drugs from there in the past, dunno about after the real estate sent her a letter, and I'd guess something's gone rather wrong for her in that. Yesterday her door got bashed in. Off the hinges and all.

The police knocked on our back door last night asking if we'd seen anything. This morning there was this forensic cop turned up in full blue forensic type clothing. Looking for fingerprints and the like I expect.

Don't usually see forensics around. Makes me wonder if they were looking for someone important? Maybe another dealer who she's ripped off? Or maybe just a couple of her smackie customers who were after drugs.

I'd already sent an email to the real estate about the shit going on over there when I had to get a key done for the letterbox. My my, won't the real estate be over the moon when they find out that they now have to get a new door.

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