Monday, 30 December 2013

David cleaned daughter's room

He started in there yesterday and finished in the afternoon. Volunteered to do it to save me the heart ache he said. Vacuumed it all and the fleas have carked it after two cans of flea bomb I let off in there. Rearranged it all and put various pictures and ornaments in there. Looks like a different room now, although you can still see where the pictures were on the wall as the walls are yellow with smoking in there with her mates.

Was so thankful to David for doing it. I'd just shut the door and had no plans anytime soon to open it, apart from bombing the fleas.... He could see it was bothering me. Honestly I dunno if I'd have been able to go in there and clean up her shit for the third time. Was seriously doing my head in. It brings back so many very painful memories. Each object becomes like a stab in the heart. It was one of the nicest things David has ever done for me.

It's a nice room. We're near the water and it gets a fresh sea breeze in the afternoons through the window.  a good size being an old place. On the corner of a free standing house. Double brick. And my daughter turned it into a dark horrible pigsty.

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