Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Room to rent for Mardi Gras

David has done a wonderful job with the spare room (my daughter's old room) and we're now toying with the idea of renting it out on a short term basis over the Mardi Gras period, which is only a bit over a month away in Feb that the Mardi Gras festival starts, lasting a month with the Mardi-Gras parade on March 1st. International or interstate visitors would be the thing we reckon, as those who live near Sydney have lots of opportunity to see the parade already.

At public transport about 15 minutes from the city centre, including of course Central train station, Circular Quay. Close to all the eastern suburbs beaches (one is clothes optional). Two elderly female cats that are just lovely darlings.

It's is a bit late in the day to be advertising but you never know. Contact me if you like through this blog at peterhiv@hotmail.com

Here's some pics:

There are views out onto a main road, with marvelous greenery on a nature strip (well at least I'm being honest...sort of....). Um..... it's very near the Tasman Sea and gets a fresh cool sea breeze from the water in the summer. Other than that it's an old house with "character", but David has fixed it up really well.

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