Saturday, 14 December 2013

Police punch and kick man - video QLD

Well it doesn't take long does it for another Australian police bashing video to get online. Hot on the heals of the 4 NSW police being charged about to be charged (albeit rather lightly) over Curti's death in Sydney, here is the latest police bullshit. This one is from Queensland and it's a fuckin doozy darlings.

Firstly, as the ninmsn articles says, it happened outside a gay nightclub. Oh surprise surprise.....
A man who filmed three Queensland Police officers attacking a man outside a gay nightclub in Brisbane has said that he plans to leave the state amid a highly publicised law and order drive by the Newman government. more
Without further ado, here is the video:

As the media is analysing this video (it's actually in the top of the news stories, on channel Ten at least, which reported this one after two incredibly positive news stories about police). So they've done the work for us. At the start there is when the cop punches the guy out:

Shortly the cop starts kicking the guy. I think it's more clear in the video, but here is a still of it anyway as the car goes past, looking through it's windows, clear image of the cop with his leg back kicking.

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