Sunday, 22 December 2013

Governor General petition - dismiss Abbott gov

I'm a bit bleary eyed and shattered after being so sick yesterday. Forgive me darlings if I'm not the slightly whitty sarcastic prick that I often am. 

I think I've got petition overload. Everytime I see another petition I groan internally. Seems like they can get a bit overdone at times, although the amount that some can get up too is a statement in itself. This petition however has caught my eye, for both reasons of the numbers signing but more particularly the subject matter itself.

I've often sniped at the end of a post about Abbott, "Is it time for the Governor General yet?", referring of course to the Whitlam gov being sacked by the Governor General in the '70's. Well, wouldn't you know it, there's a petition for just that going. It's nearly up to 60,000 signatures, quite a number considering the subject.
To: Her Excellency the Honourable Quentin Bryce, AC CVO Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia

This is a statement of non-confidence.

We the people of Australia do hereby firmly reject the Abbott Government and the Liberal National Party as our ruling body. We do not condone any of its actions henceforth, nor do we accept its values as our own.

We strongly implore the Governor General of Australia to dismiss the LNP Government before serious damage is done to Australia as a nation. Already the LNP has removed several key, and crucially important ministers from the Cabinet. Among these are the ministers for Science, Mental Health, Aged Care and Disabilities. Insultingly, they have been replaced with a minister for Sport.

Furthermore, just 100 days into the Abbott regime, we have become the first nation to attempt to repeal actions against the Climate Change, have been slammed with human rights abuses for our Asylum Seeker Detention Centres including children being separated from their parents, the sick being denied medication and asylum seekers being imprisoned for unacceptable amounts of time, and have had the very last bastion of free journalism in Australia (the ABC) threatened with budget cuts because they do not say what the LNP want them to say!

We simply cannot sit by idly while our Country is ravaged in this fashion. Everything that we have built these many long years is now at risk as the LNP dissect Australia and sell her vital organs for profit.

If there is any love in you for the state of Australian Society, we strongly urge you to dismiss the LNP or to dissolve parliament, as is your right and power to do so.

Sign here
Yes, it's still in the Australian Constitution because we're not a Republic. The monarchists want us to hold on to the Queens apron forever more, hence the Queen is still our head of state. Her representative here is our Governor General, who still has the power to sack a gov.

Personally, I'd rather see the LNP grab the bull by the horns and ditch Abbott as their leader. They're doing an historic nose dive in the polls that I can't see them coming back from with Abbott in charge. Are they so deluded and arrogant that they think they're doing the right thing for Australia?

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