Monday, 9 December 2013

Greens threaten to block supply

Is the Abbot gov unraveling? That's assuming of course that it was raveled in the first place :s .....  After only three months in power the Greens in the federal senate are threatening to block supply of all immigration legislation through the senate. The Greens have the shits as the senate passed an order for Scott Morrison to reveal everything that happened in secret over the Operation Sovereign Borders media blackout bullshit. Morrison handed them a transcript of media releases for that time.....
The Australian Greens are threatening to block all immigration legislation in the Senate after the government defied an order to provide detailed information about Operation Sovereign Borders. 

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has been accused of treating the Senate with contempt after he tabled a folder full of media transcripts. 

The Senate had wanted all communications about "on-water operations" since the September 7 election, as well as email and other correspondence between the minister, his office and the Department of Immigration and Customs. 

But Mr Morrison - who has been mocked for the lack of information he provides at a weekly briefing - instead handed over the folder and offered a private briefing on border operations. 

The Greens are now threatening to block all immigration legislation in the Senate unless Mr Morrison provides the requested information. more
I certainly hope they stick to their guns. Why the fuck does that Pentecostal tongue speaking idiot think it's OK for him to defy a clear senate order? It just shows the contempt and arrogance this gov has for anyone who doesn't think like them.

Anyway, it's fuckin serious shit for the Abbott gov for the senate to block supply as it could very well force the gov into an election. Good on the Greens if that happens. I'd love to see Abbott going through the humiliation of losing only months after gaining office.

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