Wednesday, 11 December 2013

From the TPP talks in Singapore

The Trans Pacific Partnership agreement is currently under negotiation in Singapore. This is where Obama is pushing like mad with high intensity negotiations to get the deal passed by years end. Currently though it's looking like Obama's insistence that Australia and other included countries agree to the "Investor State Dispute Settlement"(ISDS) provisions in the agreement, will not see his wishes come to fruition. Or perhaps to put it more clearly, Obama is pushing us to hand our sovereign powers over to US corporations. All in secret negotiations of course. Who the fuck would agree with that?

Given the intensity of opinion and feeling here in Australia about doing such a ridiculous brain dead thing, even with that looney Abbott at the helm, the Australian gov of the day will not commit political suicide by doing what Obama wants. His TPP negotiations are doomed to permanent failure unless he completely removes the ISDS provisions from the agreement.

Here some of a TPP news conference from Singapore. Patricia Ranald does an excellent job in clearly and concisely explaining Australia's difficulties with Obama's TPP.  Listen up Obama:

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