Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Infested with fleas - daughter's room

David went in there yesterday (the door has been shut as I can't stand looking at the mess in there for now) and had about a half dozen fleas jump on him in seconds. The room is infested with them. Not the rest of the house, just her old room. Sprayed surface spray all over the carpet and shut the door, even put a thing at the bottom of the door to keep the fleas contained in there. Will have to bomb the thing when the shops open after Christmas, and even then it's going to have to be sprayed regularly in case any eggs still remain and hatch. 

Gonna take a while to clear them I think, and a bit of money. Kicking myself now as I should have got a bond off her when she moved in. These bombs and sprays aren't cheap. And what about my labour that it's going to take to get rid of them?

She must have known about them. She gets like an allergic red spot where they bite her on the ankles. But she didn't say anything about it. As they're not in the rest of the house they must have been bought in by one of her feral friends; perhaps the one who stunk to high heaven and left piss all in front of the toilet on the floor? Fuckin druggie grub.

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