Sunday, 22 December 2013

Daughter refuses to pay utilities

I decided to leave trying to contact my daughter about all the crap she's left behind to clean up, including utility bills, until she's had enough time to calm down a bit.

I sent her a little text 2 days ago about the gas bill that's just come (the meter reading is well within the time she was here) and the coming electricity bill in Jan, which will have a large portion on it of when she was here. All I got back from her was some kind of text explosion raving on and on. I looked at David and said "I guess that means no". She's not going to get away with this though as there's no reason why she shouldn't contribute to the utilities she owes. Will leave it for a little while and send her the bloody PDF's of the bills that they send to me for my records.

The gas bill was only about $100, but she owes for the whole time the meter readings were. The electricity bill last time was a lot at $650 for the quarter but it was a winter bill. This one I'm expecting around $400, but she would owe a bit of that. 

My point is that the money owed has nothing to do with any arguments with any flatmate or partner, it's just business. As the cleaning of the room is supposed to be.

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