Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Community recommendations - police reform

The full report of community recommendations from Mardi Gras, the Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, Inner City Legal Centre and ACON is here. It's now up to the NSW gov whether it actually adopts any of them now. The gist of them is pretty much that people don't want to have a bunch of riot squad thugs in charge.

But probably the one recommendation most universal across the whole community and not just the gay community, is this one: 
Recommendation 11: That a transparent, representative civilian-led police complaints and investigatory body with the appropriate resources, capabilities and knowledge be established. That this body is institutionally, culturally and politically independent from the NSW Police Force, and that the findings and recommendations of this body be published and implemented unless clear-reasons can be provided for non-implementation. Further the body should have the power to periodically examine the treatment of persons in places of interview and detention, and be able to lay charges where necessary. more

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