Saturday, 28 December 2013

New Senate election coming WA?

OMG! Is there some light in amongst this ghastly Abbott nightmare that we're all enduring?

As is known, the senate results from the Sept 7th election come into effect July next year, at which time the senate may become less difficult for Abbott's nightmare plans for us. Although that would remain to be seen given Abbott's hopelessness at any sort of negotiation with anybody; getting legislation past Labor and the Greens would require negotiating with a number of independents. A tough ask for Abbott in itself.

Now however it may get a lot worse for Abbott in the new senate than he thought. The Western Australian senate vote is in dire straights. The entire results of the WA senate vote (3 Lieberals and one Labor, and two very close seats) are being challenged in the High Court! For good reason. The results were so close that recounts saw that idiot Clive Palmer's candidate lose their senate seat to the Greens, and Labor's seat to the Australian Sports Party (whoever the fuck they are :s). But there's more.....

Now the whole senate vote in WA is being challenged  because there were over 1,300 votes that went missing in the recounts. It's all up to the High Court of course, but given the latest polling in WA I suspect Abbott is privately shitting himself. The Lieberal Coalition's support in WA has spectacularly crashed since the Sept election of Abbott (no shit Sherlock) by fuckin 10 points on the primary vote:
The final two Senate spots initially went to Palmer United Party candidate Zhenya Wang and Labor's Louise Pratt but they were replaced by the Greens' Scott Ludlam and Australian Sports Party's Wayne Dropulich after a Greens-instigated recount.

The entire election is now being challenged after it was revealed that 1370 votes went missing during the recount.

Senior Liberals fear a fresh election opens the possibility that minor-party candidates could increase their vote as electors face a tablecloth-sized ballot paper as the minor parties line up to contest the re-run, including WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. more
And so what's the federal gov's response to these polls? Pretty much it's Abbott saying "It's not my fault" showing an oblivious perception of reality: 
According to the latest Newspoll analysis of state-by-state and demographic voting support in the past three months, conducted exclusively for The Weekend Australian, the Abbott government's first 100 days have ended with a drop in Western Australia of 10 percentage points from its election primary vote of 51.2 per cent to 41 per cent. 

Labor's primary vote support in the state has risen from 28.8 per cent at the election to 36 per cent and support for "others" has gone from 10.3 per cent to 13 per cent. 

On a two-party-preferred basis, using preference flows at the September election, Labor and the Coalition are even on 50 per cent, compared with the election result of 58.3 to the Coalition against Labor's 41.7 per cent. 

Federal Liberals believe the Abbott government is suffering collateral damage from the plunging popularity of Premier Colin Barnett and his Liberal government. In reaction to the poll slide in Western Australia, the Prime Minister told The Weekend Australian that if there was a new Senate election, it would be a referendum on the repeal of the carbon and mining taxes, which were "anti-Western Australia taxes" in the minerals-rich state. more
We can only hope the High Court will say yes to another senate election in WA, and that the drop in Lieberal support there will be reflected in the voting.

Abbott started his gov thinking he was going to walk in and everyone was going to just say "yes yes Tony, throw me over and fuck me hard". The reality though is vastley different than his perceptions. 

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