Monday, 9 December 2013

My brother coming to town from NZ

Well one of them anyway is visiting Sydney from New Zealand. I have three brothers and three sisters. Youngest brother (two years younger than me) I've not seen in in about 25 years or more. He's never worked, something wrong in his head, poisoned his liver by 35 from drinking. Nobody in the family know where he is now, latest reports were that he was somewhere on the east coast of the North Island. He's my only full blooded sibling.

The next brother up is Kevin, at four years older than me and from Dad's first marriage (his first wife died too). Kevin was always the one who was on about the great escape from the rural province of Taranaki, New Zealand. AKA the ass end of the world. As it turned out he ended up traveling pretty much the least of us 7 kids, seemingly becoming brainwashed and finding some sort of life in small town Taranaki rural-ness. Way beyond my comprehension. He bought out the car painting business where he did his apprenticeship and became the big small town tycoon, sort of. He's now just married his third wife. All in Taranaki.

Anyway, one of his sons saw the light and escaped Taranaki to Brisbane, of which Kevin has visited him twice, including this time. These are the first two times he's ever set foot out of New Zealand. This time he's flying down from Brisbane to see my older sister Debbie and I. This will be the first time he's been to Sydney. Debbie and her husband often go to NZ, but last time I was there was in the 90's. A rough estimate would be 15 or more years since I've seen Kevin.

We're going to a restaurant about in the middle of where both Debbie and I live in Sydney tomorrow night. I will be taking David. I doubt that Kevin has actually seen openly gay people (there was no sign of them in Taranaki) let alone sat at the same table with them. Debbie says he know I'm gay. Yes that news would've flashed around Taranaki at the speed of snail mail darlings, that I was now a poof. Not that I care. Taranaki is after all the ass end of the world, so who are they to talk?

Kevin would have never met anyone like David before; gay all his life, a product of growing up and living in gay Sydney. I have no idea what Kevin will make of him, not that I care. If he's looking a bit miffed I'll get David and I to pash in front of him. 

In all it promises to be a very interesting meeting tomorrow night.

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