Thursday, 12 December 2013

Abbott kills ACT gay marriage

It's another victory for Abbott's ideology:
"Under the constitution and federal law as it now stands, whether same-sex marriage should be provided for by law is a matter for the federal parliament." 

The decision means that the 27 couples who have wed since the ACT laws came into effect a month ago will have their marriages annulled as unconstitutional. 

There were tearful scenes outside the court as those who had married digested the judgment, with Ivan Hinton describing it as "personally devastating" to have his vows to partner Chris Teoh overturned. 

"In less than a week we've been married and we've been unmarried, at least on a legal level," he told reporters, fighting back tears. 
"We're still married. I've made commitments to Chris to spend the rest of my life with him, through sickness and through health, in the good times and in the bad. Today's not particularly good." more
I maintain that people are bigger than any idea/ideology. 

Once again, Abbott shores up his vote with the looneys. How dare he use our lives for his own political gain. How dare he disrespect his own lesbian sister. How dare he rips the heart out of people.

How dare he justifies this with his religion; Catholicism. A church that long ago vanquished any right it suggests to have as a moral compass, for anybody.  Yet Abbott lunches with Pell and takes direction from him.

Yes I'm angry. Yes I'm bitter.

Yes I love David, the same love I had for my late wife.

Yes my country doesn't recognise that, all because of that fuckin asshole Abbott.

But I'll control myself. I won't hate him like he hates me. I'll remember this as the workings of a gov of incompetence; of course they will do social damage to Australians. Their Holden fiasco confirms that.

I do wonder though what the reaction might be among those who are losing their jobs at Holden, if Abbott told them they couldn't get married either because of their sexuality. That they are inferior to the rest of Australians. that their love is not love.

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