Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Letter to car industry - Abbott pre-election

Well well well, this is interesting. This is an open letter sent from Tony Abbott to the Australian car industry, Employers, and employees. It's dated Sept 3rd, just 4 days before the Sept 7th election. It's mostly about the evil Labor fringe benefits something or other that I don't understand about (I don't own a car and the cops got my licence) but there's some glaring lies in there. First, here it is (click to enlarge). PDF here.

The most notable part of the letter:
The Coalition understands the importance of business and consumer confidence and wants confidence to return Australia’s car sector.”

Australians should know the Coalition supports their efforts and wants them to succeed.
You have our support now and into he future.
And here he is sitting in a Holden all smiles:

Of course we know now that it was all lies. The car industry didn't  have gov support, completely opposite of what he said before the election. Of course in Abbott's world we all must've got it wrong. He really wasn't lying at all, and apparently his gov is doing marvelously. 

I've not watched this one in quite a while. This is Abbott trying to explain and justify why he lies. It's excruciating watching him on it. This is only from 2012 too, and yet the dumb fucks who believed him voted him in.


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