Friday, 6 December 2013

Abbott ignorant of car industry position

Being as Abbott is right out of his depth and is a fuckwit who should have stayed a priest, he has chosen to enlighten us all mere minions about the car industry. He reckons they haven't said anything:
“I do wish Holden would clarify their intentions because at the moment they’ve got everyone on tenterhooks,” Mr Abbott said.’ more
OK, even I was surprised at that one. WTF? The car industry has been screaming long and hard at the Abbott gov ever since it came to power. In fact the car industry union, the AMWU (Australian Manufacturing Workers Union) had a full on 25 person delegation to Canberra just last month:
An AMWU delegation to Canberra this week warned the Abbott Government that key car and parts makers may not wait for its drawn-out review of the auto industry before making key decisions on whether to stay in Australia. 

The 25 AMWU members made it clear to Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane that waiting for a Productivity Commission interim report next month and a final report in mid-2014 was no substitute for government making a funding commitment right now. 

National Secretary Paul Bastian, who led the delegates and officials, said the uncertainty was hitting the morale of workers and the PC inquiry into automotive assistance was unlikely to satisfy Holden, Toyota and their overseas boards. 

“You can’t just sit around and allow your industries to die on the vine,” Mr Bastian said. “Losing the auto industry would put thousands of jobs at risk and punch a $21.5 billion hole in the Australian economy.” more
Hello Tony Abbott! Is there anyone in there? This was just last month. They met with your industry minister Ian Macfarlane. Do you know this bloke? Do you two communicate with each other?

Oh hang on, that's right, you're Tony Abbott. Of course you and your industry minister wouldn't listen to any union concerns; those pesky asshole evil unions aren't going to tell us what to do! Even when the concerns are about the failure of an entire Australian industry. Those union bosses are just out to wreck the country right?

Wrong. The only one wrecking this country is you Abbott. You may very well go down in our history as the man whose ideology wrought havoc on us. Surely you, our representative, cannot stand by and let Holden fail.

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