Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Police have arrested David :s

WTF? This is out there....

Police came and done the cop knock on the door this morning, David answered, and they proceeded to arrest him. He comes back into the bedroom to organise himself as he's just got up, I'm standing there in nothing but my undies, and this fuckin cop comes in the bedroom. I say "Oh", expecting a bit of privacy, like maybe putting on some pants? But he stays there. I fuckin hate the cops from our local station anyway, and this wasn't helping.

So anyway I get some clothes on and we're all in the hallway. I ask what it's all about as David is completely mystified. He has had to go to court in the past but that was all sorted out years ago he reckons. But the cops refuse to tell him why they're arresting him. 

Then he goes out to the driveway like, OK lets go, then the cops decide to search him there in the driveway. I say bring him inside and do it in the hallway. Sheesh. I ask again what it's all about, to the continued mystified look from David. The cops say he'll be told down at the station. I say you can't come in here and arrest him, take him off to the station, without even telling him why.

So finally one of them gets their phone and rings the station. What an inconvenience for them! Turns out it's something from two years ago that David says is all sorted out long ago. Outstanding warrant. He reckons it's impossible. So I say well it's a mistake by the police who've come in here like the gestapo. The cop says no it's a mistake by the court (was that an admission it was a mistake?) but they still take him.

So I trapse up the bloody police station and very irately ask what's happening with David. Of course he's in the cells out the back so I can't see him, and complain to some older looking cop behind the counter at the way he was arrested; that they weren't even going to tell him why he was being arrested. But you know what? They can do that. Yes, the NSW police can come and arrest a citizen without even telling them why until they're at the police station. Lovely isn't it. 

So I left my number so he can ring me if they take him to the local court about it, dunno if he has his phone with all his numbers. They can hold him for up to 4 hours, so I guess if I haven't heard anything I'll ring them to see what the story is. Dunno WTF is going on at the moment.

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