Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Daughter's got a place to move

Daughter texted me yesterday. She's picking up the keys for her new mystery address this Monday. She said she wasn't paying any more rent from Monday. I replied that it's impossible to move on the day you pick up the key and that she'd have to pay another weeks rent. She agreed.

Still pretty stunned at the not telling me her new address. My own fuckin daughter. She's on my will as the one who makes the decision to pull the plug if I'm a vegetable, and she won't even tell me where she's fuckin living. On the hospital records as who to contact if needed. I guess I'll have to change that now that I won't have her address.

Was talking to my sister Debbie last night about it (the dinner went very well) who's seen over the years what my daughter's done to me. She thought it was a very good thing that she was moving out, and agreed that I can't let her hurt me again like she has.

I was going to take quite an interest in the move, help her will anything she was confused about or whatever, maybe give a hand moving stuff, but now I just don't want anything to do with it. She can organise who friends to help her.

David's absolutely furious with her for whatever she's trying to do to me. I'm trying to keep him calm, telling him to please keep the peace for my sake. Last thing I want is a great explosive argument when she leaves. 

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