Monday, 9 December 2013

Abbott's "cost of living pressures" lie

For those of you who voted for Abbott, I dare say you should be ashamed of yourselves. Seriously. You were so naive, brainwashed by the MSM, too lazy to pick up a bloody computer and check out the real news online, instead of even getting the faintest inkling of what Abbott was and is; an incompetent buffoon enslaved to the Catholic church who couldn't organise a fuck in a brothel. Not to mention the kangaroos loose in the top paddock.

Here is an article just before the election. It exposes the main plank of Abbott's election campaign; namely that people are doomed and up shit creek because Labor bought in the carbon tax and it blew the "working families" budget to smithereens. Apparently all working families were undergoing extreme financial pressure from the carbon tax, and all we had to do was elect Abbott and the carbon tax would be gone, and we'd all be happy and singing kumbya. Like this from Joe Hockey's office just before the election:
A spokesman for shadow treasurer Joe Hockey maintained that Australian families were under cost of living pressures. ''Under this government, families are still feeling the pain and Labor's solution is to impose new and increased taxes,'' he said.

''On average, electricity prices have increased over 90 per cent since Labor came to power, in part due to Labor's carbon tax. Labor runs around telling lies about the Coalition but won't admit that the policies of Labor - like the carbon tax - have driven up the cost of living for Australian families.'' Read more

But oh...... Who ate the actual facts? They were there for all to see, but no, you who voted for Abbott decided to take your brain out and go into the polling booth. So here, from the same article, the lie of "cost of living pressure" exposed just before the election:
The Gillard government oversaw the smallest increase in cost of living of any Australian government for at least 25 years despite the introduction of the carbon tax, a new study has found. 

Moreover, Australian households have seen real incomes - disposable income minus cost of living increases - rise 15 per cent since just after Labor took office, giving the average household a $5324 a year boost, or $102 a week. 

The results of the survey by the University of Canberra's national centre for social and economic modelling go much of the way to answering the question Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has asked repeatedly throughout the election campaign: ''Are we better off than we were six years ago?'' 
The answer, at least in terms of family incomes, is an emphatic ''yes'' according to the centre's research. Since Labor took power, the ''standard of living'' - the centre's term for rises in disposable income subtracted by cost of living increases - has risen 2.6 per cent a year, the exact same average annual increase as during the 11 years of the Howard government. Read more

So please, FFS yes this is a democracy and we get to vote. But please just try and pay attention to WTF you're voting for? Australians are angry, very angry, that we have a looney with a few screws loose running the country, because you voters who voted for him bought his lies. 

Just please, next time you vote make a fuckin educated decision. Most of us take the ability to vote as a right that's been fought for long and hard, including those of us who's parents fought against Nazi Germany. Using your vote so lightly, on a sloganeering win, without looking at the facts staring you in the face..... It's an insult to my father's memory.

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