Saturday, 7 December 2013

Plea of not guilty - David

It went much better than expected in court yesterday. The same Legal Aid guy was there as was at the other court two days before. Since David is only working part time casual and not getting many shifts (last week he only got one) his income has been low enough to qualify for Legal Aid. So he didn't have to represent himself and the guy put him first on his list as David had been working all night.

He entered a plea of not guilty, which means it has to go to a hearing. That's been put down for end of January. He also has to be served the brief during that time. There was no sign of the asshole who started all this. We were out of court by 11am, I was really surprised.

There's the consideration after all this is done, to sue the asshole who used to system for no other reason than to maliciously get back at David, for false arrest. He'll cross that bridge when he gets to it. Personally I think he may just want to move on a forget the prick.

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