Monday, 30 December 2013

Ferals got evicted :)

I am claiming victory.

The other day the ferals (the ones in the unit on the next property managed by the same real estate) where in a great flurry of moving in a hurry. David thought they probably were just leaving after their front door was destroyed in some kind of an extremely aggressive break in, but I have confirmed through the neighbour grape vine that they were booted out.

In the end what bought them down was their own stupidity. Simply because they wouldn't use their own rubbish bins (including to throw out unwanted stolen goods) but used ours instead, filling them to overflowing in half a week. At which time I was left to clean up stuff that they didn't put in the bins because they were full. Namely a smashed mirror, a syringe lid, a steroid vial, and a broken bong, none of which were even wrapped up in anything or in any kind of bag. When I protested to the real estate they still kept doing it, annoying the fuck out of us.

Therefore I spilt the beans to the real estate about everything that was going on over there; it was obvious they were dealing drugs from all the people in and out, and the girl leaseholder was well known for staggering around the place completely off her face. That our mail got stolen by her, and that the police have been called a few times over them screaming the fuck at each other.

Then came the destroyed front door, followed by the forensic police the next morning. I'd say that would've been the last straw for the real estate.

They had about a week to finish cleaning the place and came back a few days later. We were all treated to the sight of this about 20 year old looking guy, wandering around the common areas in a drug induced haze, calling someone's name constantly that was in unintelligible speech. That went on for about half an hour, before someone else got there and they went upstairs to the unit. Instead of cleaning though it looked more like a sad case of a couple of people with fried brains. Dunno how much cleaning they got done, but I doubt they'd have got any of their bond back.

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