Saturday, 28 December 2013

Pension paid early! :)

PSA to all disability pensioners: we've been paid early!
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Turned on the PC this morning to look at the grim-ness involved in the rent this week. David's only recently started getting some valuable shifts at work over the holiday break (penalty rates) but he won't see any of that money for nearly another two weeks. We were just about at the point this week of paying the rent on my credit card and living off noodles until next Wednesday.

So I look at the balance on my bank account and it's way too much. I look at the transaction record below and I get a thrill! My pension has been put into my account early! Hooray! I can pay the rent this week! Must have something to do with the holdays and banks being shut at the wrong times.

Yeah Abbott, read this fuckin shit. And you want to target us bloody disability pensioners..... You try living on this Abbott.

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