Friday, 6 December 2013

David's day in court

Well at least he'll be in court this time instead of in the lock up. It will take likely most of the day though as he's representing himself, and all those without representation get done last. That's just the way it goes. He's also been at work all night, not even coming home just going straight to the courts in the city from his work. I'm going for moral support, and I suspect to wake him up if he starts snoring in the courtroom.

I helped him do a statement thing yesterday to hand to the magistrate. He was very pleased how it came out, I said all I did was tweak the language and it'd all come from him. Anyway with him no doubt being very tired by the time his case comes up the easiest thing to do was simply a written and signed statement to hand up.

It's still incredible to me that this could happen. He's entirely innocent of any wrong doing but got done. A day locked up in a cold cell, unable to see or talk to family/loved ones. I can't believe that the police can come to your house in NSW, take someone away, and not even have to tell them why. 

Imagine if we were a straight couple. Husband gets carted off by the cops in the morning and the cops won't say why, wife left at home not being told anything. For the whole day she can't contact him in any way, and has to hassle around with court and police just to find out where the hell he is. I'm sure there would be much public sympathy for the wife. 

Well, it can happen to gay and straight. On this occasion the law doesn't discriminate. This is a stupid law. An invasion of our civil rights. Surely it must be changed so the police are made to tell you why you're being arrested. That's not too much to ask is it? This is supposed to be a democracy after all.

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