Monday, 1 August 2016

85% of Australian LGBT are against a plebiscite on marriage equality

Why am I not surprised?

Would straight people want a plebiscite on their human rights and whether they can have them or not?

I'm tired of seeing my love with David debated on TV by the Australian Christian Lobby. I'm tired of the delays and blocking of the public recognition of our love. We've both been through so much in our lives. Why should it be such a struggle for us to be married?

A new study shows what most of the LGBT are thinking; that a plebiscite is a licence for christian hate against us. I personally believe some will suicide over it, but where would you get the statistics on that?
When asked whether they supported or opposed a plebiscite on marriage equality, 84.7 per cent of participants said they were opposed, with 71.5 per cent strongly opposed. 

Just 9.9 per cent supported a plebiscite, including 6.5 per cent who strongly supported it, while 5.4 per cent were undecided. 

The survey, designed by social scientist Sharon Dane, is supported by Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays and campaigner Rodney Croome. 

Opposition remained even if a plebiscite was "fairly framed" and "had a good chance of success", with 57.8 per cent opposed even if the popular vote was the only way same-sex marriage could be achieved under the Coalition. 

Sentiment was strongest in Tasmania, with 90.3 per cent opposed, and among those aged 65 or older at 91.2 per cent. 

When informed the results of a plebiscite would not be binding on MPs, 89.1 per cent of participants said they supported a vote in Parliament for same-sex marriage, while 7.7 per cent supported a plebiscite. The Age