Monday, 1 August 2016

Transgender speaks at Democrat National Convention - US

The first trans person to speak at any national convention over there. "Every day matters" was a huge point in her speech, along with many others.

I note that this person is the ones the right over there are accusing of using gender neutral toilets for "rape rooms". Such ignorance. Look folks, she's just a person like all of us.

The "every day matters" in the LGBT fight for equality is very poignant here in Australia. With The Blockers in the shattered hulk of what's left of the Canberra Lieberal gov standing in our way at every point.

Some say marriage equality is not important, that it can be put down the list of issues for the gov to address. But every day is important. Every day matters. It matters that it's another day we don't have equal human rights as the rest of society does. It matters another day we're not seen as equals in society. It matters that for another day it hurts.