Monday, 1 August 2016

Shaun Micallef does a hatchet job on George Christensen

The Christensen and Abbott love fest
Ah yes, George bloody Christensen. If ever there was a man deserving and looking like he needs to be mocked by comedians, then this is him.

Self-righteous of the god squad, believing apparently he's on some holy mission to protect us all from the evils of us LGBT (does that mean protect us from ourselves? :s). Never tiring in his efforts to purge the country of lefties who dare not to follow him on his crusade. 

I think he imagines himself as some kind of thought police. WTF else could you call someone who wants to attack alternative thoughts of difference? Of course he thinks us LGBT are all some kind of political Marxists after all the kids. You know, "think of the children!"