Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Gay marriage likened to "unthinkable things" of Nazi Germany - ACL, Australia

Lyle Shelton, head of Australian Christian Lobby
More love from the christians.....     This one is a doozy folks.

There was an article recently somewhere online, suggesting it might be OK to compare Nazi Germany with current Australian asylum seeker policies. Namely the offshore gulags where Australia has locked up innocent women and children and families indefinitely, for no crime. Demonised by the gov as criminals or even terrorists, Australian rednecks cheer them on. Perhaps such a thing is comparable to Nazi Germany, I don't know, if so it's a tragedy of forgotten history. Even the thought of such a comparison is in itself all the more reason to get rid of this despicable Abbott/Turnbull gov.

However the Australian Christian Lobby (of which I've already pointed out the connection between the hard right Lieberals, the ACL itself, and the revoltingly extreme US based "Alliance Defending Freedom") sees any comparison between present Australia and the 1930's Nazi's entirely differently. 

No, you won't find the ACL screaming from the roof tops about the cruelty of the Australian gov sucking all hope from people in indefinite detention to the point of killing themselves by self immolation. Asylum seekers get the odd mention, along with just a touch on human rights. That's all.

What you find with the Australian Christian Lobby, and it's leader Lyle Shelton, is a complete obsession with one minority; gay people and the LGBT. Not just a little bit of an obsession, but an almighty (pun intended) obsession of biblical proportions darlings. Yes, according to the ACL, us gays are entirely evil people who shouldn't at all be allowed to breath the same air as everyone else, let alone get married.

In fact we're as evil as the 1930's Nazi Germany... Well, according to them. I kid you not.

Shelton has written an opinion piece on the ACL blog. And it's a doozy folks! Shelton likens gay marriage and the Safe Schools anti-bullying policy to the evil of the Nazi's. 
That Labor leader Bill Shorten can promise during an election to fund the so-called "Safe Schools" program which teaches children as young as four that "only you can know if you are a boy or a girl - no one can tell you" and there be so little push back is a failure of those of us who know better. 

Changing the definition of marriage to entrench motherless and fatherlessness in public policy and teaching our kids their gender is fluid should be opposed. 

The cowardice and weakness of Australia's "gatekeepers" is causing unthinkable things to happen, just as unthinkable things happened in Germany in the 1930s. 

Perhaps we have moved beyond cowardice to complicity. 

Whatever the case, we have much to learn from the dead. Australian Christian Lobby, Lyle Shelton
To see words like this coming out of my country is truly shocking. It's sick and disgusting. What is going on in the minds of these people? Such disrespect. Such arrogance.

What must Jewish people think, who's older relatives are the dead of Auschwitz and the like? What an insult to compare their suffering to Shelton's idiotic idea of "evil" today.

Treasurer Scott Morrison, of Hillsong church, speaks at the Australian Christian Lobby national conference the other week