Monday, 6 June 2016

Lieberal Jamie Briggs followed me on Twitter - Ugh!

I usually link my posts here into my Twitter efforts for the day, including this one yesterday about Jamie Briggs in the safe Lieberal seat of Mayo.

I consider myself a raving lunatic online at times, frustrated with the unrepresentative Canberra swill and entitlement regime. I don't take myself that seriously. So imagine my surprise when I looked at my emails today and none other than Jamie Briggs himself had decided to follow me. See snip above. Again, ugh!

What possible reason would this faithful Lieberal want with following me on twitter? Being as I do suffer from anxiety and panic attacks the thought of a drunken Briggs trawling through my Twitter feed looking for whatever was just too much to take.

So I blocked him. 

After all there's no point in even attempting any sort of dialogue with this gov. I gave up on it long ago, probably the day they won the election. None of then listen in the slightest. Just keep preaching to the serfs that life should be the way they see it. Apparently their policies aren't turds, it's just that they haven't sold them well enough you know....

This gov has proven time and again that it doesn't care about me in the slightest. Indeed according to Abbott doctrine illness is caused by bad decisions; I guess he means that being gay is a bad decision? Becoming sick is a bad decision? Being poor is a bad decision?

This gov has gone out of it's way to block David and I being married. Like bitter middle aged white Catholic men have any idea about love.

And now they want to cut literally hundreds of millions out of my local hospital. The one that saved my life during kidney failure.