Thursday, 2 June 2016

This the thing I feel about our election now......

Yes it's rather early/late.  

So sick to death of the hate.

I used to have this song in the early days of this blog permanently there in the heading, and after a bit the first thing in the side bar. Perhaps I should reinstate it, I dunno. It's one of the foundations of this blog.

My late wife and I went to this concert early '90's. My wife had to give herself a morphine injection in the stands to control the pain in her crumbled spine, in her ass by herself, with medical equipment. She held up the big syringe at one point after tapping it to make sure of no air bubbles. I freaked and said for her to lower it in case the guards thought she was having some kind of injection of illegal drugs! Silly me. It was all so medical with a security guard being right behind us in the stands who did nothing.

So we watched the show. We were on the left quite high up in the stands at the new Sydney footy standium. She became without spinal pain to be able to enjoy the concert. The U2 ZOOTV tour, a cutting edge tour way ahead of it's time as the internet birthed across the world.

But you know the song my wife and I loved the most? It was One. I always remember that and have never forgotten why. That Sydney concert was art that you had to be there for you to understand. It's never left me, and became the CD U2 chose as the best of their ZOOTV tour worldwide. 

It remains with me today as a life direction.........ONE........