Wednesday, 1 June 2016

US should be like Russia because gays - US christian Scott Lively

Scott Lively, radical extremist anti-LGBT
More love from the christians.....

Well known anti-gay extremist Scott Lively has come out with his latest distortion of reality. In this case he encourages the US to abandon it's stance on being a friend of LGBT people (although that's debatable considering some of the hateful rhetoric it's exporting to Australia about gays) and chum up to Russia because Russia hates gays. 

Nothing wrong with being friends of the Russians. Of course that's what we need is enemies to be mates and not blow each other to smitherines. 

My point is that the US is vehemently anti-Communist, whatever that means. Even today anything to do with Russia US folk will likely shun as being from Reagan's "focus of evil in the modern world" bla. For Scott Lively to suddenly say in the face of that, that Russia isn't evil anymore because the US likes gays now, surely says something about the level of hatred which christians can engage in against us LGBT. 
I suggest that Mr. Trump could do the world a great favor and dramatically ratchet down global tensions by following Mr. Putin’s example of pushing back the Marxists and the gangsters within his borders (yes, he had his own versions of the Clinton and Obama crime syndicates to deal with) and inviting the church to reclaim its rightful place in steering domestic policy norms back toward faith and family values. Then by redirecting the US State Department to promote greater family-centered cultural cooperation with the Russian people (and all the people of the world we have offended and harmed by pushing sexual deviance on their children). With a return to authentic family values would come a natural desire to steer away from war and its evils, and a new basis for seeking common ground in all geo-political affairs. And as always, the climate for doing business would improve when our goals are driven by a common desire to pursue mutual benefit rather than exploitation and control by force of will and arms. 

In his run for president, Mr. Trump has seen the true face and character of America’s domestic enemies in both the “Progressive” movement and the GOP establishment. Hopefully he will (if elected) have the vision and courage to rebuild America’s moral and patriotic infrastructure in such a way as to severely diminish the influence of these anti-family Marxists and to increase cooperation with countries like Russia which are doing the same. Scott Lively Ministries  
Does their hatred of us know no bounds?