Thursday, 9 June 2016

Turnbull's 7:30 Report interview disaster - rhetorical puppet recites lines (video)

Far out. This interview is bordering on being Abbott-esque. I honestly don't know where to start. About every couple of minutes I was letting out a "ugh" or a graphic hands in the air gesture. 

Come on Australia, are we seriously considering voting in the talking puppet?

So who's got their hand in Turnbull's ass then? Obviously the extreme right of the Lieberals that got him the prime minister-ship. And who's hand is up them? .... Obviously there's no need for me to spell that out. 

Total train wreck. Spectacularly bad. Conflicting recitations over the course of the 25 uninterrupted minutes. Lies lies lies. So many many lies.

Vacuous rhetoric. The dying days of Reaganomics. A puppet of his corporate masters. I lying fool. An emperor with no clothes. Trusting the electorate will be so stupid as to return the most disastrous Australian gov in living memory. 

Whatever happens from here, in decades to come Australians will look back at this period in our history as being one of the most vile politicisation of our fears and values. 

And perhaps the recent years of political tumultuous-ness the watershed of our disillusionment in our elected leaders and our corrupted system. 

Or perhaps the beginning. When Australians finally got a leader that reflected their views? I would have to say Shorten is making moves in that direction.    .........