Thursday, 9 June 2016

Angry Aussie rips into Aussie accent fail - Big tobacco fail :)

The whole cringe worthy big tobacco rave is here, complete with the worst attempt at an Australian accent ever.

Watch as Angry gives his take on it :)


The Sydney Morning Herald video Angry refers to is here.
Fiona Nash, the federal minister overseeing tobacco policy, said the clips' claims were as laughable as its voice over. 

"The terrible pretend Australian accent in this American ad has the same amount of credibility as the ad itself: none," Ms Nash said. 

Commenters on social media have roasted the videos, which notched up roughly 30,000 views on Youtube by Tuesday afternoon. 

"His accent is the result of a smoking induced stroke," wrote one Youtube user. 

"Read the facts, watch for the lols," wrote a Facebook user who posted the video 

"That accent is about as authentic and credible as the 'facts' alleged.," wrote another. 

"This makes me want to play an aggressive game of knifey spoony so bad," a reference to The Simpson's infamous parody of Australian culture.

"... hilarious. The tobacco industry is paying millions to argue against something that, in their words 'doesn't work'," wrote one commenter. Sydney Morning Herald