Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Christensen's Turtlegate - referred to the feds over turtle bribery! - GetUp :)

OMG darlings I'm in political heaven! It feels like the new Star Trek series has started early!

George Christensen has been referred to the AFP (Australian Federal Police) over his trying to bribe turtle people, saying he would only give $12,000 if he was re-elected!

Yes darlings, the same Christensen that torpedoed the Safe Schools program for LGBT youth, being so righteous as to say it was some kind of Marxist plot!

It appears his righteousness is as much bluster and waffle as Turdball's himself :)
Controversial Nationals MP George Christensen has been referred to the Australian Federal Police over allegations he may have breached anti-bribery provisions. 

Mr Christensen earlier this week pledged to personally donate $12,000 to a turtle sanctuary in the Whitsundays - if he is re-elected on July 2. 

Left-wing activist group GetUp! complained to the Australian Electoral Commission, arguing the promise could be tantamount to bribery. The AEC referred the complaint to the AFP on Tuesday evening. 

An AEC spokesman told Fairfax Media it was not simply a procedural matter and that the commission only referred complaints when it believed they warranted investigation. 

"The AEC reviews any matters referred to them. If there is a cause to refer it then we do. That's what has occurred," the spokesman said. The Age