Sunday, 5 June 2016

Jamie Briggs in trouble in South Australia?

Ah yes, who could forget the illustrious Jamie Briggs. 

It appears however that his drunk and hiccuping chooks may be coming home to roost. This despite him holding the seat of Mayo, a well and truly safe seat occupied for years by Howard gov minister Alexander Downer.

Turns out independent Nick Xenophone and his new team for the lower house are making serious strides against piss head Briggs, and may actually be able to unseat him with preferences from Labor and Greens. A long shot indeed, but certainly an interesting turn of events.

Briggs of course was involved in table-gate, where a marble table was smashed in PM Abbott's offices during a wild post pm piss-up. Abbott later paid for the table, although Briggs was suspected of being involved. Particularly as he turned up to parliament the next day in a wheelchair.

Just another decrepit chapter the Abbott gov rule book I guess. Briggs certainly didn't appear at all regretful of events the previous night, trying to hold back laughter in fact. Yes, hardy har har, look at how the country's being run there in Canberra.... Great joke eh Tone's?

Of course he didn't get fired. Almost as if he was entitled to his job you know. Nope, just carried on under the new PM Turnbull after having a good old laugh about it all with all his mates in Team Abbott (ie gov in exile).

His demise didn't come until another piss up of legendary proportions, and Turnbull was forced to sack him from the ministry. This one was overseas.

Alas he still remains as a gov minister for the safe Lieberal seat of Mayo in South Australia. Perhaps Xenephon can do something about that.